Monday, November 1, 2010

Cell Phones And Toilets

I found this article in the Sunday paper and thought I would share it with you in case you missed it. According to the Associated Press, the Mumbai slum of Rafiq Nagar has no clean water for its shacks made of ripped tarp and bamboo. No garbage pickup and no power along a bumpy, rock strewn path that serves as a road.

And there is not a single toilet or latrine for its estimated 10,000 inhabitants.

Yet nearly every poor family there has a cell phone. Some families have as many as three. Who do you suppose they are calling? Are they calling the corner gas station to see how long the line is to use the facilities?

It's the year 2010, I'm still amazed at the amount of people that live in poverty and squalor. When I hear stories like this it makes me glad to be an American. It makes me glad that I have running water, a shower to bathe in and a toilet that flushes time after time.

And yes, I do have a cell phone, and a monthly bill. The funny thing is that I keep trying to figure out how to live without it. Oh wait, I have a toilet. Maybe, I should just flush it.


Nora said...

It's easier to get a cell phone than it is to get running water and a sewer system.

HulaBuns said...

One of my friends accidentally flushed her phone down the toilet in a public restroom that had automatic flush toilets. As soon as I read the topic of your post I thought of that. LOL

MA Fat Woman said...

Nora- Sad, but true.

Hula- That almost happened to me too!


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