Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter's Icy Grip

The house sits quiet,
stunned into silence.
Whiteness, shone forth like a blinding ray.
Rareness, for a Southern day.

The coldness doth come.
On occasions so rare
Never lingering
Gone into thin air

Beautiful to some, the perfect colored balls
Frozen in time

Where is the warmth,
Where is the breeze
It's pretty, we know
But we're beginning to freeze

Southern snowfall, unusual to see
Unusual still, to stay past day three
Ol' man winter, please take a trip
Loosen, your hold, and release your icy grip.


wintergurl said...

Winter house . Thx for sharing such nice pic

Jane said...

Liked the poem, and the pretty pcs,Blessings jane

Rae Frazier said...

I didn't know you were a poet! Great verse. The snow really does look like a blanket on your roof!
I am so ready for it to be gone here, too. But we are supposed to get rain later. That means mud and chill and dreariness!

Mom's Cafe said...

Oh the first picture is very impressive! It will make a clatter when the snow tumbles. I can relate to the sentiments in your poem too. Stay warm!

sally said...

Well, thank you for the charming poem! And I hope you have a slow melt.


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