Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Let's Change The Sign

Well, I'm back from another trip north of the sweet tea line--that's the Ohio/Kentucky border for those of you that are new to the middle-aged fat woman gang and a lot happened. And when I mean a lot. I mean A Lot!

But that's the next post or perhaps the next one after that.

I went to Dayton, Ohio for the Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop and somehow they let me in for the third time. (I must be paying all the right people.)

I hung out with Gina, Judy, Betsy (she's a Bombeck), Cathryn, Cabin Girl, Lori, Gail, Kate, Linda, Mindy, Linda, Sarah, Teri, Patricia, Nancy, Vikki, Sherry, DC, Chrissy, Allia, Kim, Jane, Stephanie, Elly, Lou, Anna, Tami, Mary, Kathryn, Maggie, Joanne, Kristi, Susanne, Leighann, Kim & her daughter, Lois, Lisa, Beth, Denise, Jen, Ann, Diane, Shawna, Rachel, Judith, Suzette, Lela, Abbie, Jill, Jim, Elaine, Marcia, Ann, Janine, Rae Jean, Norm, Ginger, Yvonne, Angela, Leslie, Kelly, David, Jo, Anne, Tracy, Amy, Wanda, Rose, Dawn, Pam, Maureen, Sharon, Barb, Astra and Kranky Kitty. (And that was just the first half hour.) Many more to talk about and that's what I'll do later.

I'm lucky to get out of my house on occasion and when I do I like to go out to eat. Who doesn't, right? One of the medicines I take to help manage my diabetes is called Invokana and one of the side effects is having to go to the bathroom frequently. (Bascially, you have to tinkle a lot.)

What this means for me is I see the restroom facilities everywhere I go and you can really tell a lot about any establishment by their cleanliness or lack thereof. One thing they all have in common is this:

If I could be in charge of anything, I would like to be in charge of the placement of this sign in all facilities. I would, however, make one noticeable exception to the wording on the sign. I would change "employee" to "everyone".

Wouldn't that sign make you feel more comfortable knowing that everyone must wash their hands before leaving the restroom and not just employees? Would it bother you if you were reminded to do that in a bathroom? It wouldn't bother me in the least little bit because people might sometimes forget. I'm mentioning this because a very bad case of convention flu is making the rounds through some of the workshop attendees. (I haven't gotten it.)

I don't think any of us are the source of the bug because I passed several groups of folks that were staying at the same hotel for a bowling convention. One appeared to be under the weather and remarked to no one in particular. "I feel like crap. A guy was sneezing and hacking all over the balls in the practice lane, probably gave this shit to me."

Another replied, "That ain't it. I used the same balls as he did and I ain't sick. You're just wasted. Plus, you smoke too much."

Then she sneezed.

To which the first replied, "I may be wasted, but at least I'm not getting sick. I went and washed my hands and my balls after he sneezed for the hundredth time."

"Oh, go pass out somewhere."

We'll never know the source of the crud. It might have been the bowler sneezing on his balls or one of many other persons.

The best advice no matter where you are: wash your hands.

And your balls!

It may very well save you from a bout of the convention crud...


NotaSupermom said...

Excellent advice! It was great to see you, G! Same place in 2018? Except with less of the plague going around.

Gianetta said...

Loved seeing you too, Anne! We're not that far away, maybe we'll run into each other somewhere. I want to start attending more conferences and workshops!

Leslie Handler said...

I was sick enough thank you. Thank goodness I didn't get the crud. Me thinks it's cause I don't have any balls.

Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Discuss...

Gianetta said...

I washed my boobs several times, they're saggy and droopy so they probably don't count as balls.


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