Friday, June 12, 2009

I Already Made The Switch

I hope they don't give you procrastinators anymore time. I mentioned this back in February and have listened to more than enough advertisements telling me and the entire world to switch to DTV.

If you haven't switched then I guess you won't be watching any more TV.

Don't come complaining to me and don't call the TV stations griping because your set ain't working anymore!

You've had years to get this done!

No switch! No television!

Rabbit ears, no converter box! No television!

The trouble IS in your set!

Seriously, I hope you made the switch! I wouldn't want you to miss any of your favorite shows.


Lola said...

I'm just hoping that the signals are better once they officially change over, because the 1 television I had converted the reception sux, the picture pixilates more than when we used to have satellite tv.

Margaret said...

You're right, and I can see it now, as you said...lots of peeps will be adjustin' and turnin' those rabbit ears...I have heard lots of complaining about the reception from some of the older TV's...

Sheila said...


Lin said...

We were sitting there last night, watching the game, trying to figure out if the picture was or wasn't changed. I don't really see the difference, but I'm not technologically inclined anyway. Or TV inclined. Or maybe they didn't switch over that channel yet.

Da Old Man said...

All day yesterday, the TV stations had commercials about it, letting anyone who has missed the thousands of announcements know. How anyone missed it before yesterday, I have no idea.


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