Thursday, October 23, 2008

In The Tank

I’m a little under the weather right now. There’s a high pressure situated over the Deep South and the local meteorologists say that it might be causing some of us to have sinus headaches.

Ya think!

I have never suffered from migraines and I really never knew that I had sinus problems either. Basically, I have had a headache in both temples for the past two days.

Tried Tylenol—didn’t work.

Tried Sudafed—didn’t work.

Tried sleeping, a lot—it worked while I was sleeping. Shoot, even the cat is keeping his distance right now.

I did manage to go outside and get the mail. I was intrigued to find letters from my 401K, not one but two.

The first letter was my account statement. I wasn’t really surprised to learn that I had lost over 3000 bucks in the last quarter. After all, that’s all they have been talking about on the news lately.

The next letter simply stated that I shouldn’t panic and try to move my money elsewhere; the economy was beginning to stabilize. On the last page of the letter was an updated account statement. It seems that I have already lost 1800 bucks in the first three weeks of October.

Good thing I already had a headache.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the headaches. Sometimes a hammer works. Heh.

Actually, I was going to recommend heat (I have a rice buddy I use, I wear it like a hat and embarrass my kids) or some mint oil under your nose. It really does work.

Hope ya feel better.

Oh yeah, the economy thing. *Sigh* I have no words for this train wreck.



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