Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...The Old House On Cherry Fork Road

Photo by Doug Alexander

The house I grew up in caught fire and burned last week...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Contribution To Easter Dinner

I'm always looking for new recipes to try and came across this recipe in a magazine and thought it would be good to make for Easter dinner. I've provided step-by-step pics for you to see how I did it.

Getting everything set out and ready to go.

Dissolving yeast in luke-warm water

Milk scalded and left to cool until luke-warm

Incorporating the shortening

Adding the flour

Greasing the bowl to let the dough rise

A floured surface for kneading

Adding flour to make dough more manageable

Removing dough from prep bowl to the floured surface for kneading

The kneaded dough ready for rising

Risen dough after one hour

Dough ready for separation into loaf pans

Loaves after another hour of being left to rise

Halfway done

Just out of the oven

Easy out of the pan

Buttered to golden perfection

A slice warmed with butter and blackberry jelly

Well, there you have it. If you'd like the complete recipe just drop me an email. It called for a tablespoon of salt which Mom thought was too much. (It did taste a bit salty.) I also overcooked it, but other than that, it turned out great!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Not Really Worth It

Since my recent trips to the doctor have resulted in less than stellar results, I've decided to refocus my efforts on losing some weight. I told one of my doctors about this blog and she thought it would be a great forum to discuss my efforts to lose some weight.

Personally, I do not want to and will not make that the focus of this blog. There are thousands of other places where folks do that and some of them can be quite informative; it's just not my cup of tea. I might share a tidbit if I think it's interesting or funny, but no daily mopings about eating one too many tater chips.

Having said all of that, let me introduce you to 150 calories:

Yep, Twelve large jelly beans has 150 calories. I had to ask myself several times if I really wanted to have this as a snack. I know it's close to Easter and everything, but 12 beans equaling 150 calories; make no beans about it, I didn't think it was really worth it.

It's probably a safer bet to have an extra slice of ham this Easter than reaching into Bobby or Susie's Easter baskets for a sweet fix.

...just keeping you informed!

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Power Of Cumberland Falls

The following is video of the powerful Cumberland Falls in southern Kentucky that we visited a few days ago. Be sure and check out Mom at the end. You can hear the roar quite well. Try not to get too distacted by the trash.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trash On The Side

Mom and I decided we needed to make a road trip up to Kentucky to get our fix of the Cincinnati style chili that we love so much. You can check out a previous story about our search for Gold Star Chili here. The car show wasn't going on this particular weekend so we decided to check out the local parks. I wanted to go to Cumberland Falls Park, which has a very impressive waterfall, and with the recent rains, the falls were flooded and almost three times their normal size. I had been to see these falls when I was a child. Two things stand out the most in my mind: the gift shop and a snake. I liked to visit the gift shops at places we visited--not to purchase any of the keepsakes but to get every free brochure that was available. I'm not sure why, but I thought it was my duty to get every brochure that I could carry and take it home with me. I had boxes of the crazy things. The snake that I remember was in a tree near the base of the waterfall and was causing quite a stir. I wasn't curious about it. I was keeping tabs on it because snakes and I don't get all! This trip to Cumberland Falls left me with two different memories: the sheer force of the falls and the trash. I was in awe of the speed and the sounds that the falls were generating. Conversation was extremely difficult and many visitors viewed the falls in quiet respect. However, it was hard to stay focused on the falls when all you needed to do was turn your head and look down. Straight down was where the trash was and it made me sick. Sick to my stomach and sick to my heart. I wasn't the only visitor that was in shock. Many folks just stood with mouths agape at just how much trash had tumbled over the falls. We saw balls of every shape, size and kind. Different colored soda and water plastic bottles. A picnic cooler. Several tires and numerous other types of garbage. It was a holy mess! Sickening! Very distressing! How could we let this happen? It wasn't trash from the park as the following picture states.

I guess if you take anything away from this blog post, let it be this: Please recycle and put trash in it's proper place. It's never too late to help save the environment.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Pics From My Birthday

Here are a few more pics from my birthday celebration.


More cake

Statute of a dead guy

Flowers at Forsyth Square in Savannah

Statute in Chippewa Square where Forest Gump sat on a bench

Strike a pose

The one I didn't catch

...and the one that got away.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Times, They Sure Are A Changin'

It seems the carnage continues at ABC. Since the Queen of Daytime Television, Oprah, announced the ending of her television program, many have wondered what will take its place. Now, the top brass at the network have cancelled two long-running soap operas, One Live To Live and All My Children.

What's next? GMA? You wouldn't think they would cancel such an important part of American society, but who would have thunk they would let the beautiful and glamorous, Erica Kane, ride off into the sunset. I know the story lines can get a bit out there sometimes, but millions of everyday citizens have spent many an hour with these programs whether they admit it or not. Trust me on this, it isn't just housewives or stay-at-home moms that tune in daily.

Admittedly, I stopped watching soap operas. I usually leave the television off during the day. But when I was in college, everyday at 1:00 PM, the girls that lived in Sanford Hall gathered around the boob tube to watch Days Of Our Lives. Bo and Hope. The Hortons. John and Marlena. It's amazing how I still can recall their names.

Soaps were a large part of a different time. Growing up, in the house on Cherry Fork Road, we had 3 channels. That's it! ABC, CBS and NBC. If you didn't like what was on those channels, you went outside or read a book.

I try to keep up with the latest and the greatest, the new gadgets and gizmos. I have over a 100 channels on my cable system but I can still only watch one program at a time. Sadly, if I did want to catch up on a soap again, I won't have that choice.

Maybe, instead, I'll just go outside or read a book...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Questions For Those In Charge

I've held my tongue long enough. It's time for more questions for those in charge from the MA Fat Woman. I'm sure many of you probably have the same questions, and since you somehow elected me to be your fearless leader, I'll do the talking.

  1. Question #1: Why is gas $4.00 a gallon? (I mean, it's not like there's a hurricane or anything. I know the Middle East is still having problems getting along with one another, but they've been fighting for years.)

  2. Question #2: Of the nearly one million jobs created last year, why did women only get 10% of the new positions? (I'd really like that one answered.)

  3. Question #3: Why is the Government still pursuing criminal charges against Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons? (Maybe they did and maybe they didn't. Get over it, already!)

  4. Question #4: What has happened to Sarah Palin? (President Obama has already announced he's running again and no 'You betcha' quotes from the former Gov.)

  5. Question #5: For that matter, what happened to all of those upstart freshmen Tea Party Representatives? ( I haven't heard diddly squat about them since the first vote to repeal the Health Insurance law was defeated.)

  6. Question #6: Does Donald Trump really care if President Obama was born in the United States or not? (We all know Trump's too smart to run for President.)

  7. Question #7: For that matter, why isn't anybody making fun of the Donald's' infamous combover? (I know why, they're afraid they might get fired. HAhahahaha)

  8. Question #8: Why is the MA Fat Woman still unemployed? (I got nothin'.)

  9. Question #9: Why is it cheaper to buy drugs in Canada? (It is, you know.)

  10. Question #10: Why is the NFL on strike? (I got nothin'.)

Well, I think these questions are an across the board sampling of what is on folks' minds. If you are somebody in charge or know somebody in charge and know the answers to any of these questions, feel free to leave a response.

...we'll be waiting!

...and waiting.

Until something new comes along to complain out...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In The Dark And Kitchen Waterfalls

When I returned home from my mini vacation, I had a mountain of dirty laundry to attend to. When I left, everything had been working fine. After the first load I noticed a small backup in the sink and poured a bit of Draino to help get things flowing again. Here's me hard at work with the old plunger.

A while later, Friend and I were in the living room when we heard the sound of rushing water. Not ordinarily a sound one would hear coming from the kitchen. You haven't seen two people move so fast. Water from the draining washer was now back flowing into the sinks and had over flown both of them and was now pouring out onto the floor. We immediately did what we do best: Friend yelling at me to get something and me running around in circles answering what should I get.

Lord, what a mess! We used up every good towel and every other rag we could find. Who knew that washing machines could hold that much water? I was trying to get the laundry done before the big round of thunderstorms came in that night. The weather folks were predicting possible tornadoes, hail and high winds.

At 10:00 PM, the night of my birthday, the first gust of wind from the first round of storms snapped a pine tree across the road, which in turn, fell on a power line that snapped off the top of a power pole.

Hooray! No power! What to do...

Downed power lines across the road

Of course, I stayed up most of the night waiting for the power to come back on. Without much luck. The automated line at the power company kept updating the expected "power back on times". After about six hours of updating, they stopped giving estimates. The damage around the area was quite astonishing. Trees down everywhere. I was lucky, my power was only out for about 24 hours. In Mom's neck of the woods, there was extensive damage. So much so that the area was featured on the national news and the Weather Channel. This resulted in several phone calls from folks back home that were concerned about her welfare. Her power was not restored for almost three days. She was really glad to see me that morning when I showed up with a hot breakfast.

Anyhow, the plumbing problem got resolved. A pipe in the basement had rusted through and had to be replaced. Luckily, it wasn't a larger septic issue.

All in all, I had a great birthday. Not many people can say they started the day at the beach, found a waterfall in their kitchen and had the power knocked out...all in one day. Almost a bit too much excitement for my blood. Next year, I think I'll spend the whole day at the beach...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another You Be The Judge

Can you guess how big this fish is? I caught it on my recent birthday trip to Savannah, GA.

I can't say for sure, but I think it may be a record.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Day Is It?

I have no idea what day it is.

I do know I had an excellent birthday. I came home from my trip to the beach and was met with a septic problem and thunderstorms that resulted in an almost 24 hour power outage. (I shouldn't complain; Mom lost power for over two days.) Brother is somewhere in the Atlantic sipping on Pina Coladas and the New Cat is keeping Mom company since Aunt Phyllis had to go back to work.

Friend got sick on my birthday and started throwing up everyhwere.

I was out of clothes that were somewhat clean so I had to go to the laundromat. It's the only place that I know of that still allows smoking...inside the building. That story is a whole blog post in itself.

Anyhow, I'm off to Mom's tomorrow to retrieve the New Cat and to help her decide what stays and what gets tossed from the fridge and freezer. Knowing her, if it ain't got green stuff on it, it's a keeper.

Of course, I took pictures of everything and I hope to get those up as soon as I can figure out where I put the camera...

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's My Birthday...Year III

It sure is going to take a lot of hot air to blow out all these candles.

Having problems deciding on what to get me for my birthday? Just leave me a comment and that will be just fine. (Except, of course, my family members and inner circle of friends. I'm sure you have spent weeks looking for just the perfect gift, and it's in the mail, right?)

MA Fat Woman

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tough Times...Part II...Year 2

"That will be $88.32," said the cashier.

"What are you talking about? You haven't rung up any of my stuff yet."

"Well, that lady said you were going to pay for her groceries. She said that you were her Great Niece and that you take her out to Walmart once a month to purchase the things she need."

"I don't know who that woman is, I've never seen her before today and I'm certainly not paying for her groceries," I replied.

"Well, Ma'am, she said she knew you. You were being very friendly towards her. Are you running some sort of scam? If you are, you could be charged with shoplifting or as an accessory."

"I don't know that woman, and I am not running some sort of scam. Why do you let people walk away without paying for their stuff? You better call security. Where did she go? She's gonna get away with it if we don't go find her. Come on, let's see if she is still in the parking lot."

At that moment, the cashier, the security guard, the manager and myself went running outside to see if the lady was still in the parking lot. As we looked over the parking lot the Walmart employees began to look at me suspiciously. They thought I was a part of this lady's scam. All I had been doing was being nice--lending a sympathetic ear. I had been taught to be polite to my elders, and now, I might end up in jail.

I really didn't want to go to jail. I know they provide three hots and a cot but I got this thing about confined places. They make me a little edgy. I was surveying the parking lot and there putting the last of her bags into the trunk of her 2010 Cadillac SRX was that nice old lady that was trying to stick me with her grocery bill. The nerve of that woman--telling me such a sob story about her finances, her handicapped son and paying a thousand dollar a month for insurance premiums.

I pointed to her car and all of us went running over to where she was parked. "Lady, what are you doing? What are you trying to pull? You almost got me arrested for shoplifting. I've never seen you before today. I didn't want you to think I was being rude, so, I listened while you went on and on about all of your troubles, and here you are driving a Cadillac. Would you kindly tell me and the others here what kind of scam you are trying to pull?"

At that, the lady took one look at the cashier, the manager and the security guard and her shoulders just slumped in surrender. She looked past them and began to shuffle her feet as she fought for the words to explain this situation. "I bet you're wondering what this is all about," she said.

We all nodded our heads in unison and waited patiently for the answer. "All of that stuff I told you in the store...about my finances, raising my kids, losing everything I had because of those high insurance rates...Well, I was just pulling your leg just like I'm pulling yours now.


I told this story last year and I liked it so much, I told it again, with a few updates!

Happy April's Fool Day!


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