Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Questions For Those In Charge

I've held my tongue long enough. It's time for more questions for those in charge from the MA Fat Woman. I'm sure many of you probably have the same questions, and since you somehow elected me to be your fearless leader, I'll do the talking.

  1. Question #1: Why is gas $4.00 a gallon? (I mean, it's not like there's a hurricane or anything. I know the Middle East is still having problems getting along with one another, but they've been fighting for years.)

  2. Question #2: Of the nearly one million jobs created last year, why did women only get 10% of the new positions? (I'd really like that one answered.)

  3. Question #3: Why is the Government still pursuing criminal charges against Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons? (Maybe they did and maybe they didn't. Get over it, already!)

  4. Question #4: What has happened to Sarah Palin? (President Obama has already announced he's running again and no 'You betcha' quotes from the former Gov.)

  5. Question #5: For that matter, what happened to all of those upstart freshmen Tea Party Representatives? ( I haven't heard diddly squat about them since the first vote to repeal the Health Insurance law was defeated.)

  6. Question #6: Does Donald Trump really care if President Obama was born in the United States or not? (We all know Trump's too smart to run for President.)

  7. Question #7: For that matter, why isn't anybody making fun of the Donald's' infamous combover? (I know why, they're afraid they might get fired. HAhahahaha)

  8. Question #8: Why is the MA Fat Woman still unemployed? (I got nothin'.)

  9. Question #9: Why is it cheaper to buy drugs in Canada? (It is, you know.)

  10. Question #10: Why is the NFL on strike? (I got nothin'.)

Well, I think these questions are an across the board sampling of what is on folks' minds. If you are somebody in charge or know somebody in charge and know the answers to any of these questions, feel free to leave a response.

...we'll be waiting!

...and waiting.

Until something new comes along to complain out...


meleah rebeccah said...

Okay, I can't answer any of these questions except for this one:

"Question #7: For that matter, why isn't anybody making fun of the Donald's' infamous combover? (I know why, they're afraid they might get fired. HAhahahaha)"

I am DEFINITELY still making fun of his combover - and I really DO think he WILL run for President. He might even win!

Unknown said...

1 - Because we've hit peak oil and have used up the cheap, easy-to-access oil. We're over $5/US gallon up in Canada now. The price is just going to keep climbing.
2 - Ummm ... because our society's still far more sexist (both men and women) then we'd like to think.
3 - Who?
4 - She's a politician, isn't she?
5 - Still not quite clear on what the Tea Party is.
6 - No.
7 - Meh.
8 - Because economy sucks? I don't know. :)
9 - Because our government puts a cap on what drug manufacturers can charge pharmacies, which means pharmacies charge consumers less. Plus the various drug plans will only approve certain drugs, so if a company wants their drug on the plan, they have to have a price that will be approved. And finally, Canadian drug companies don't have to worry about being sued the way American companies do, so they don't have to charge as much to cover liability costs.
10 - No idea.



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