Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Are You Paying Attention?

Someone or something has been trying to get my attention.

Today, when I was in Walmart I was checking out the coffee makers and when I was finished I had to walk past the toaster ovens. No big deal, right? What if I told you that as I walked past a bell went off. It went DING! I went WTH? I stopped, and looked around, there wasn't anyone around and it certainly wasn't cooking me a snack.

Over the weekend when I was putting away the yard sale leftovers I heard music start playing from one of the dolls I was selling. I wasn't anywhere near it and I didn't even know it was musical.

Last week I was sitting in my recliner when there was a loud thump or creak in the ceiling above my light and then the light blinked on and off.

And don't get me started on what happens at about 1:28 AM every night. Almost, without fail, give or take five minutes, there will be a very loud creak at the bottom of my steps. It sounds like a heavy footstep. I just call it Alice, which by the way, was the name of the woman that lived in the house about sixty years ago. (I just found that out a few months ago) The noises on the steps have been happening for years.

Probably all just coincidence. If not, whomever, or whatever, you've got my attention.

Check back for Part II of Cleo, Mister and Sissy in the next few days.


Jen said...

OMG. Just hearing you say this about weird noises has got my attention. Its too weird that everynight on cue you hear that creaking on a step....Yikes!!! There are a few unexplained noises here from time to time. I've even seen the translucent image of an old lady here walking the hallway or standing by my bedside. Creepy!!!! ~jen

Rae said...

Okay- I got goosebumps!
Time to call the Ghost Busters!

Margaret Hall said...

Hi~!! Yep, it is "absent" me! I have been dealing with some items of life, and have missed your blog~!! And, since this is one of my FAV subjects, then I am glad today was the day to return! I love and teach Metaphysics...I think that you definitely have someone that needs your attention, and more over your energy! Sounds cool to me....Love it! I have dolls too, and they can do mysterious little thing~!!
GLAD to read you again~!!((tryin' to catch up")

Jaya said...

Woooooooooooooo, Woooooooooooooo...

Yes, I'd say someone/something IS trying to get your attention, or send you an acknowledgment of some kind. Ding, ding, ding!

Mom said...

I'm curious...

Were you using the name "Alice" before you learned that the lady who lived there 60 years ago was named Alice? And where did that name come from?

Does the creak on the steps happen even if you're standing by the steps? Or have you tried that?

Sheila said...

I use to live in a house where a little boy and his dad had died in a house fire. Candles would light on their own and my music boxes would play out of the blue. One day I had all I could take and yelled for him to please stop and I would be leaving for work shortly. The music stopped immediately. Most of the time he and I got along fine though. I love this kind of stuff. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

diane said...

Crap, I'm sitting here alone, Cute Hubby already went up to bed. Thanks a lot.

mike said...

Well thanks alot for creeping me out!

Years ago when I was a kid my mom used to have a glass bowl full of those colored glass eggs which had belonged to my great-grandmother. One night they "slipped" off the table and crashed to the floor.

Apparently my great-grandmother never cared for them much.



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