Friday, August 5, 2011

The Latest Craze

Have you heard about the latest craze called planking?

I wonder where people come up with these ideas? It seems the idea behind planking is to go to a public area and lay face down on the concrete, in the mud, on a bench or wherever with hands placed to the side and have your photo taken while you're kissing the dirt, mud, excrement, gum, rotting insects, dog crap and pigeon poop that might be strewn about.

I can't make this stuff up; check out the pics:

I'm trying to figure out if I need to become involved with this. It could be kind of fun. Can you imagine being in a public place enjoying your coffee, reading the paper or even partaking in a little PDOA (public display of affection) when you suddenly see a middle-age fat woman laid out flat on the floor?

I mean, what would you do? Would you offer to help? Would you laugh your ass off? Would you call 911? Would you take a picture or film it?



Would you shake your head in disbelief and think that lady has had one too many bon bons?

Well, whatever you do, be prepared, you never know when you might get planked. And at least you'll know what that crazy middle-aged fat lady is doing...


Chinaren said...

The latest craze you say? Wow, you're a long way out of date aren't you?


Catch My Words said...

They've been doing it in Europe for awhile, but I hadn't seen anyone do it around here.


Stacy said...

The Pittsburgh paper just did a big feature on it this past Sunday. They said there are other versions if you're adverse to lying with your face in something. Apparently it also works if you just stand there or sit there. And then there is my daughter's weird habit of photographing her feet everywhere she goes.



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