Monday, September 5, 2011

September Storms...Is It A Diversion?

I spent Labor Day waiting on the rains from Tropical Storm Lee to make their way up from the Gulf of Mexico. I also enjoyed the cooler weather. I know people get tired of me complaining about the heat and all but I've been sweating steadily for the last six months and I've been listening to that noisy air conditioner in the kitchen so much that my head seems to vibrate all the time.

I felt like cooking and had just settled down to a nice meal of beef and potatoes slow cooked in the crock pot when I got a text message from Mom. TORNADO WARNING was all it said. I didn't know if it was for her or me so I flipped on the television and sure enough, my county was under a tornado warning. Nice. I thought we'd already been through this for the year.

Within a few minutes I felt the rains get heavier, my lights flickered, and I was in the dark.

What's up with all of this wacky weather?



Earthquakes in the Northeast of all places.

It makes me wonder if somebody isn't trying to create a diversion of some kind. After all, when is the last time you saw a report on the wars, the health care debate or the dismal housing sector.

And don't even get me started on the upcoming National election.

I only had an hour or so to ponder my diversion theory before the power came back on and the television started blasting out the latest damage reports. Luckily, my area was okay, but there was no mention of those topics that I mentioned above; gives you something to think about...

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Unknown said...

We didn't get rain, except for a few sprinkles, on Labor Day in the Charleston area, but it is pouring right now. Heavy rain. Wish it would rain during sleeping hours; I love to listen to rain at night and in the wee hours of morning. Now, I've got to get out in the sogginess.

Have a good week.



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