Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Open Question To Myself

Self: Are you ever going to write another blog post?

Me: Leave me alone, I'm in a funk.

Self: That's not very nice. You've been writing on that one reflection about your hairdresser for about six months, haven't you?

Me: I said I was in a funk.

Self: Well, you know you received that nice letter from that lady in Kalamazoo wanting to know what the ending was...

Me: Okay...I'll work on it later. Now, leave me alone, I'm visiting Sister up north and I'm freezing to death. Plus, I can't find any sweet tea anywhere...

Self: That explains it! No sweet tea makes for a very grumpy middle-aged fat woman...Maybe, you should make your own!

Me: I think you're right.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Your "self" and my "self" sound a lot alike. Mines been nagging me all morning.



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