Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's National Hamburger Day

Yeah, it's officially summer!

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of the summer season with a long three-day weekend. I'm sure many of you prepared, participated or partook in a meal that had summer written all over it.

I know I did. I fired up the old grill and threw on some burgers and a few hot dogs. Honestly, doesn't everything taste better when it is grilled?

Imagine my surprise when I found out that today was National Hamburger Day. Who knew? I knew burgers were special but I didn't know they had their own day.

Can you imagine the excitement in the meat department?

Oscar Meyer: "Yo, Chuck. Today's your big day; how ya feelin'?"

Chuck: "A little lean, man, a little lean."

Oscar: "Glad to hear it. I bet you'll get picked first. Everyone likes patties over dogs these days."

Chuck: "I don't know. It is summer. Lots of fun, kids and picnics. Maybe, we'll get picked by the same family?"

Oscar: "That would be great! I could help you celebrate your day. Oh, wait, here they come--a whole family of them.  Yeah, I made it. We're both in the same basket. I love these guys already."

Chuck: "I know! It doesn't happen very often.  I've gotta get ready. I'll see ya at the picnic, okay."

Oscar: "Okay, but don't let them do too much to you--you're a lot better the less they mess with you. It is your day after all."

Chuck: "Yep. Well, let's go chill before we grill..."

Oscar: "Ha ha, good one!"

So enjoy National Hamburger Day, but if you hear an extra sizzle coming from the grill, don't be worried. It's just the boys celebrating in their own way...

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