Monday, December 30, 2013

It Could Only Happen To Me

As a writer, it should come as no surprise to many of you that I have been known to embellish here and there to give a story a more satisfying punch.

Sometimes, it's the beginning of the story.

It could be somewhere in the middle that needs a little spicing up.

Or, it could need just a bit of a twist at the end to either make me the hero...

...or the goat. It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in that day.

But, sometimes, mind you, on extremely rare occasions, everything falls perfectly into place and no changes to the plot are necessary.

Yes, what I am about to share really happened and this time, I have witnesses.

My sister was visiting Georgia for the Christmas Holidays and after a fun and festive day we decided to hit the stores the day after Christmas and take advantage of the sales and discounts that were in many stores.

Now, I'm not much of a shopper like my sister is but I do like to tag along. We had been to several stores and it was later in the day. My feet were beginning to hurt and I was getting grouchy. My sister noticed  that I wasn't keeping up any longer (I mean, how many signs that say 50% off do I have to look at? I get it, prices are marked down but I've run out of people to shop for.) and said she was almost ready to go. (Thank you!)

We were at the far side of the store which happened to be Target in the last wide aisle in the very back. I was leaning on the cart for support trying not to let my eyes glaze over with boredom when I noticed something walking toward me. My distance vision isn't that good but I thought it appeared to be a very large dog leading a very small man.

As the pair continued to walk toward me, my initial thought had been correct; it was a very large dog, a Rottweiler to be precise. Now, this may come as no surprise to many of you, but I didn't know that a Rottweiler could be used as a service animal. I know there isn't any reason that they couldn't be but I had never seen one before.

At least I thought it was a service animal. Most stores, other than Petsmart, don't allow you to bring your pets with you. The dog and the man he was leading (who turned out to be a big man) were now almost directly in front of me and I looked at the dog (thought about reaching to pet him, but thought better of it) and then smiled at the man.

What happened next was like something you see on television when everything is in slow motion. As the pair started to walk past me, I took a step forward, and nearly lost my balance when I noticed something on the floor and did a quick side step to avoid what was there. The man pulled on the dog's harness and yelled something and I watched in amazement as the dog continued to poop.

And this wasn't poodle poop either; it was BIG dog poop.

As I scooted to the end of a display to hide behind, I began to take stock of the situation. I counted at least four piles and the man had whipped out plastic bags to clean up the mess. My sister had appeared from somewhere and watched as the man began to clean up the area. "At least I'm prepared," he said holding up a fistful of plastic bags. It wasn't enough though, and my sister found a few extra napkins in her pocket  that she offered to the man. He finished cleaning up the mess and went off on his way.

I stayed behind the display, still not quite sure that what I thought had happened had actually happened. Had a very large dog, a Rottweiler, just pooped on the floor beside me? At Target? What are the odds of that? A Rottweiler being used as a service animal? Wouldn't they be house broken?

As my sister and I continued on our way out of the store, she said, "I never thought I would see that. Did you?"

"I know, me either," I replied.

"I didn't know Rottweilers were used as service animals."

Me either.

And there you have it, a story for the ages--one that could only happen to me.

Happy New Year!


Jenn said...

I'm very relieved to hear you didn't step or fall into the dog poop (that kind of thing would only happen to ME, I suppose).
I wonder WHAT he was thinking?

Donna Black-Sword said...

On the plus side of things, at least the guy was prepared, if only in the spirit of good enuf. You just don't know with people; was the rottie an owner trained service animal or just another faker? The big service dog organizations train the handlers on exactly this kind of event (hint: feed the dog on a regular schedule so you can schedule their um, recycling needs.) Also, we teach the dogs to potty on command. 'Tis true.
Now in my adventures as a volunteer puppy raiser for a service dog group, I may or may not have had to deal with a puppy poop walker. Not sayin'.
I'm also not admitting to said poop walker doing the dirty deed in a Target. But it might have happened.
But when it did, I had that baby cleaned up so fast it was like it never happened.
This guy hopefully will gains these mad skills. Or get called out for having an undertrained service dog. One or the other is my guess.



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