Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blame It On The Weather

This seems to be the winter that never ends. I have been around snow since November and I don't like it one bit. When mom and I took our trip to Germany right after Thanksgiving it was snowing  a day or so after we arrived.

When we got home we had to go to Ohio and it was snowing there.

And the snow in Atlanta? Well--I think you saw all of the misery that thousands went through during Snowjam1.

We thawed out from that and then last week right before Valentine's Day, Snowjam2 made an appearance. I took a few pictures and it sure is pretty to look at but I moved and stayed south for a reason: I DON"T LIKE SNOW!

I'll say it again.


Well, I certainly feel better.

Another thing about all of this white stuff is the green stuff that is leaving your wallet. I had to buy propane TWICE in the month of January. And mom, well, she had a $425 power bill. Somebody needs to be smacked--sending a bill like that to someone that lives on a fixed income. Shame on you, power company!

So, since we took our trip of a lifetime, had Christmas and now have about frozen to death, our pockets are a bit lean.
No eating out.

No movies.

We were staying home and communicating through the telephone and email.

We wanted to get together for Valentine's Day; mom said she had a gift card. I was sticking to my usual plan of buying her annual heart-shaped box of candy the day after Valentine's Day. Of course, I got snowed in and wasn't able to get to the store until the 15th so it should have worked out great.

Or so I thought.

I went to CVS which usually has a large selection to choose from. I started looking at the shelf tags listing the prices looking for the 50% off stickers. I didn't see any. Finally, I went to the counter and asked the clerk. "Isn't the Valentine's Day candy marked down?"

"Nope," she said.  "Since we all got snowed in, management decided that enough people hadn't paid full price yet." Seeing my frown, she continued, "I know, I know. I could have sold a lot of candy today. I guess we'll just have to blame it on the weather."

I guess so.

Poor Mother Nature--she must be plum wore out.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The only state not to get snow this winter is Florida. There might be a mass migration there soon if this awful weather does not get better.o

Gianetta said...

I know that's right. And I might be one of them!



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