Thursday, January 15, 2015

National Hat Day

Today, January 15, 2015, is National Hat Day!

No one knows for sure where or who started it but I'm quite sure that they worked in the haberdashery field.

I like to wear hats.

I have toboggans and skull caps for wintertime wear.

I have several large straw hats that I wear whenever I am doing anything outside.

I have several ball caps that I only like to wear when I have a certain haircut. The "just to the top of the shoulders" Bob haircut looks perfect underneath a perfectly rounded bill and a "perched just touching the top of the ear" cap. I'm not a big fan of turning my hat around backwards or not folding or rolling the bill.

I even have my cowboy hat from my childhood stuck in a box somewhere. (It must have been a ten gallon hat because it still fits.)

My favorite hat for the longest time was given to me by my old college roommate. It's yellow and has a "G" on it. I still wear it the most but it's beginning, like me, to show its age. It has a small tear, several sweat stains and one big old drop of red paint. (Not sure where that came from but it could have come from my last painting project or my "over the handlebars" bicycle wreck from 2012.)

Mom has started wearing hats and has received numerous compliments from men and women. Since battling skin cancer over the last few years her doctor has recommended that she wear a hat whenever she leaves the house. She now has a larger collection than my father ever had and it's always fun whenever we get together to see which one she'll be wearing.

Not a fan of wearing hats? Why not give it a try for a day or two and try as many different hats as you can. You never know; it might just change the way you look at things.

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