Thursday, February 5, 2015

What Do You Stop On?

I was pumping gas the other day and had left the nozzle on automatic. After it clicked off I began my usual battle with the pump dispenser to get the dollar amount just perfect.

Here are my preferred choices:

1. I like the amount to be a nice round number. When filling up my car these days, that amount is around $30.00.

2. I like the total to end in a zero.

3. I can handle it if it stops on a five.

With my timing and luck it is nearly impossible to get the pump to stop on a zero or five. It always goes past to .01 or .06 and I end up with $27.56 or $28.01. Before you know it, I've put so much additional gas in the tank that it starts to overflow because I can't get the blasted thing to stop where my OCD thinks it should. Talk about annoying.

My mom thinks it's hysterical when she sees me doing this. Why don't you just let it stop wherever, she says, or better yet, pay with cash and they do the stopping for you!

So, is it just me?

Zero, five or whatever...?

What do you stop on?

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