Thursday, June 25, 2015

High School Reunions

I've had thirty years to plan and be ready for my 30th high school reunion which is this weekend.

Here are a few of the thoughts that have been running through my mind:

Did I plan accordingly? (No)

Did I lose my stop smoking weight gain? (About half)

Have I become a published author yet? (Yes!)

Did I do everything I said I wanted to? (Who can remember that far back?)

Have I changed much? (Depends on how you define change; I'm in year 8 of the change.)

How many wrinkles do I have? (Several)

Have you concocted a Michelle & Romy story about creating PostIts so you don't look like a failure? (Working on it!)

Are you sure you are having a reunion? (I think so. I planned it on Facebook and people didn't shrink away in horror and revulsion.)

Will the old high school still be standing by the time you get there? (No. They tore it down.)

Will the old clicks and groups still be intact? (I hope not. I didn't drive 500 miles to put up with junior high drama--get over it already.)

How many people will show up? (Good question. We had 64 people in my class. Maybe 20)

How many reunions have you been to? (Three. Tenth, twentieth and twenty-fifth. I was drunk and smoked at one and smoked at the other. Now, I don't do either.)

One last question. (Okay)

Are you still excited about going? (I wouldn't miss it for the world.)

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