Thursday, July 23, 2015

Computer Problems

For the second time in six months I have been the recipient of a computer virus sent to me by some unknown assholes somewhere across the dark recesses of the Internet. The first time the virus removal folks were able to remove all of the junk and there was no damage to my personal files.

The second time around I wasn't so lucky.

I received the Crypto virus and its exactly as it sounds: It encrypts your personal documents, photos and videos and basically holds them for ransom. The virus removal team spent six hours one night (I stayed up all night) trying to remove the virus  which they did but were unsuccessful in decrypting my files.

I did do a backup. Or at least I thought I did. I have an external backup contraption that I use to backup on a somewhat irregular schedule. 

I did a LOT of writing the last few months.  In fact, I finished the novel that I have been working on for over four years which is a huge accomplishment for me. Right now, it is with my editor which is slightly nerve-racking because no one else has read it but me. In my other books, the stories were passed from family member to family member and read multiple times before being published. This time, I am keeping wraps on it until I figure out what to do with it.

Anyhow, I had lots of various files on plotlines and character traits and had even started book two of the series and now they are all encrypted and my local computer fixit guy says they are corrupted and are gone for good. I was able to restore everything to December of last year when I had the last virus but evidently the backup which I thought I had done didn't take or I never did one. I lost everything I had written this year. (I have multiple copies of my finished manuscript and even sleep with a copy of it under my pillow.) (Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!)


Now, the hard drive of the computer with the corrupted files has crashed, too! Nice. It will be nice to have a new laptop but after the mess with my car and making the final payment on my trip up the East Coast plus two trips to Ohio and back--the wallet is a bit thin--I'll be using my phone for surfing and am writing again on an old laptop from 2005. The plus side of this is I discovered photos of me when I was thin--before I became the Middle-Aged Fat Woman--I would show you but the old laptop doesn't have internet access.


So, I'll be in-an-out on the blog until I get everything straightened out. I'm to the point now where I might just switch back to pen and paper. At least the only breakdown I'd have to worry about is the smeared ink and cramping of my hand.


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