Monday, November 23, 2015

A Month Of Thankfulness...Day Twenty-Three

Day 23 of thankfulness: This morning after the first hard freeze of the season I am extremely grateful for my entire heating system process. From the furnace, to the ductwork and the pipes that carry it in the house. I'm even thankful for the gas company--although they've given me problems on and off for 20 years--the gas always gets here.

I do live in an old and drafty house. Last night relaxing in my recliner that sits right in front of a big, drafty window, I had on thermal pajamas, a sweatshirt pulled over that, two cats and a wool blanket. And I was still cold.

Either it needs to warm up or I need to turn up the heat.

Raised in a household where the furnace was never touched by anyone other than a parental unit, and that was done so grudgingly, I think there's a better chance that the weather will warm up.

Stay warm!

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