Monday, April 18, 2016

What's Next?

A good question.

I've thought about how to answer this question: with a joke or a long-winded tale involving a trip with my mother or one of our conversations, but the clock is ticking so I'll get right to the point.

I'm taking a break.

I've been blogging here regularly since early 2008 and in blog years, that's like a 100 years. Honestly, I don't feel that way but the amount of time spent thinking about and keeping the blog up has taken me away from what I really want to do at the moment which is finish my novels.

I also have realized over the last few weeks that I spend entirely too much time on Social Media. I recently went a 24-hour period without checking any of my accounts and at the 12-hour mark I thought I was going to have a fit or the world would stop spinning if I didn't "like" something or see if someone "liked" something I did.

But, I had a snack instead and soon the day was up.

A small win, yes, but more importantly a lesson to myself that life isn't lived through computer screens admiring someone else's vacation photos (I have plenty of those myself) or scrolling mindlessly through advertisements and political posts that usually make me gag.

I can eat an onion if I want to gag.

I'm working (writing) my way through a three-book fantasy adventure series that needs more (all) of my attention. I owe it that! I really think it has potential.

There are plenty of older posts to keep you occupied while I'm gone, but hey, why not pick up one of my books until we meet again.

You can always email me at I do write back!

Wish me luck as I finish my three novels and save me a place at the dinner table--especially if you're having mashed potatoes. (Mom says hi)

Until next time,


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