Monday, August 1, 2016

Twenty-Four Years

Reflections, longevity, a time to look back
Back to a time of innocence where we held the world in our hands
And our hopes from the heart
Sprang forth like a rushing mountain stream

Many others have come and gone
While it has remained to carry on
A short time to some
A life time as one

Laughter, a blessing, never without
Stories retold, was there ever a doubt
That kindness and honor from those before
Would carry to the young, no matter how poor

One always steady, another pursuing the dream
Stumbles within darkness
For we are that team

First to join was the littlest thing
Spitfire, vocal, oh how it sang
Sadly, the loss affecting their will
First love, first lost, it lingers still

A day to remember just before the cold
The black, the white, a sight to behold
The calmness, the gentle of one so small
Enduring the stick that affects us all

Walks to the green
Rides through the mist
Settlement is there
By the first, still quite the pair

More time together
Looking for the one
The only dream
Yet, it's still undone

Golden and white
So strong is their bond
Transferring to it
To now and beyond

More time to see
Being lost in the blue
The uniqueness, the beauty
That is totally you

Words have been written
All thoughts back to you
Pursuing the dream
With our future in view

Twenty-four years is
Twenty-four years are
Twenty-four years were
Twenty-four years…Done

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