Monday, December 1, 2008

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

It was relatively warm yesterday but the weatherman said that a massive cold front was approaching and might bring some wintry precipitation to my locality.

Have they all gone nuts?

Schools were closed.

My trip to the grocery store almost resulted in WW III. I had to wrestle a crotchety old man for the last loaf of bread and pry a gallon of milk loose from the grip of a screaming mother with 4-year old triplets.

I had to visit my doctor today(Which is another story)and was sitting in one of those small waiting areas when the lady beside me struck up a conversation. As most idle conversations tend to do the topic of the weather was mentioned. That little old lady said she almost didn't come out because of all the snow she had at her house. It turns out she lives about six blocks from me and she had about two inches of snow. I think I might have seen, maybe, two snowflakes. It's all in the eyes of the beholder, I guess.

Anyhow, that's what we do in the South. One snowflake can add up to one foot if you talk to the right person. The news crews will come up from Atlanta and put any moron they can find on TV and let them cuss and discuss the potential danger they could face while driving on ice.

Well, duh.

When we do get any real wintry weather it's usually ice and it has normally melted by the next day.

The funny part of all of this is that I have become used to this tradition of running to the store for bread and milk. I watch the Weather Channel for the special weather advisories and I watch the morons on the local news looking to see if I know any of them.

Winter weather doesn't happen very often in the south but when it does it is here today and gone tomorrow.

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Da Old Man said...

Here in the much more frosty Northeast, we have the same run on bread and milk if it is going to be a storm. Considering that a few years ago, we had about the worst storm in memory, with 30+ inches of snow, and everything was back to normal in 2 days, just what sort of Apocolyptic storm do folks expect?



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