Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Made The Switch

I don’t usually get upset about things—it really doesn’t help the situation. However, I am highly annoyed at the Obama Administration for extending the time that folks have to make the switch to digital cable.

No, this isn’t a paid endorsement from the cable company. It isn’t a PSA from DTV.gov. It’s an honest to goodness irate citizen that is sick and tired of hearing my local news announcers count down the days until the February 17, 2009 deadline.

Well, guess what? It’s February 17, 2009 and now the US of A has to wait an additional 4 months before the grand switch can be made. Do you think that will make any difference? Do you think that the folks who didn’t switch before this deadline will make the switch before the next deadline. Me neither.

This was such an important day for me that I broke all of my previous rules. My blog isn't a picture blog, there are no bells and whistles. Just the text ma'am, just the text. I wanted to prove to myself and others that I could make the switch. I could make my blog digital. I even uploaded the how-to-video on how to install the digital converter box.

All of this talk about switching and converting and countdowns has turned me into a nervous wreck. Four more months of countdowns. Four more months of "if you receive your television signal through an antenna it won't work after such and such date."

I'm sick of it! No more delays.

P.S. I'm counting down the days when I won't have to hear that silly announcement anymore, aren't you?


Lola said...

What really gets me about this whole thing is that it's the satelite and cable companies that lobbied for this. It's their way of scamming the government to get people to switch to satelite or cable.

I went out and purchased 2 converters and hooked 1 up to rabbit ears. I only get 1 channel and it is constantly scanning. The converters are pieces of you know what.

Jeanne Estridge said...

I still have analog TVs, and no converter boxes, but I have cable, so it's supposed to be a non-issue. Sure would be nice to get it over with!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

our local channels swore they were changing anyway because they put too much time and money into it already.

Dainey! said...

Here here!!!! I completely agree.

Da Old Man said...

only 4 more months of the reminders

Unknown said...

Oh I totally agree. Why does the gov't give people 10,000 chances to do what they're supposed to be doing? We are all ADULTS. Whatever happened to people taking responsibility for themselves? Good grief, and now 4 more months of those annoying reminders. Niiiice.

lizB said...

Have to agree with you there. The people that didn't switch while they were putting out their "dire warnings" for a year aren't going to switch now.



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