Monday, March 2, 2009

Longing For A Sitcom

Is there anything funny on television anymore? I really don’t get most of these new sitcoms on today. I hear 30Rock is pretty funny, but it’s on opposite of CSI, and I really like to watch that.

Saturday Night Live was actually funny this year. The impressions of Sarah Palin were hysterical. I miss Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd.

I think the best sitcom of all time was the Golden Girls. The comedic timing and go between amongst these actors was quite amazing. Was there ever a better character than the slutty Blanche Deavereaux? What about the sweet dumbness of Rose Nyland? You couldn’t forget the mother/daughter team of Dorothy and Sophia. These women were funny.

When I flip though today’s sitcoms I barely pause, they don’t make me laugh, they make me puke. I can write funnier stuff than these guys come up with. The Golden Girls not only make me laugh, they make me laugh out loud. It’s hard to find the show’s reruns. In my area they are on the Hallmark Channel at 4:00 PM. If you need a good belly laugh and you can find them, take the time to catch an episode. You’ll be glad you did.


Alex said...

I still watch MASH reruns- you can't beat the classics.

Unknown said...

Not long ago I posted about some of my favorite old shows. You want funny? That's the Golden Girls, Mama's Family, Red Skelton, Carol Burnett (especially with Tim Conway & Harvey Korman) and more.

Unknown said...

Have you tried The Big Bang Theory? I can't get enough of those nerds!!!



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