Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Were You Expecting A Four Leaf Clover

I was expecting a leprechaun to jump out and say "Top 'O the morning to ya Lass. Where you be headin' today? Why are you all decked out in green? Are you fixin' potatoes today? Why are ye wearing me kilt? No, lass you can't look under me kilt to see if I'ma swinging or not. No, I don't know why me cheeks are so ruddy lookin' all the time. I'm sorry you didn't find out that your family name was Irish until you were 35. You got alotta drinkin' ta do ta ketch up! Here's a pint on me."

It didn't happen, but hey, it was a great dream!

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

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lizB said...

My Irish grandpa celebrates with the traditional Irish 7 course meal:

A six-pack and a bowl of potatoes.

'course, he does that every day.

But, every March 17th, he's in style.




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