Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wrong Number

"Hi Helen, it's me Doug," said the voice.

And that's how the call begins each time. Doug has been calling for Helen at least ten years.

I don't know Doug.

I don't know Helen.

I'm not Helen.

I've had the same wrong number calling me for so long that I feel that I should know Doug and Helen. I did call the number that Doug left one time and it turned out to be a garage. I guess Helen likes Doug to work on her automobiles.

Or is it something else?

Is there perhaps something untoward going on? Could Doug and Helen be secretly having an affair. If so, how does Doug ever meet up with Helen when he doesn't even know her correct telephone number?

Could Helen think that Doug handles his tool better than any other grease monkey? Does he make her spark plugs spark?

Maybe she just has a crappy car that is always being fixed by a crappy mechanic?

I don't know, maybe the next time Doug calls I'll pretend I'm Helen and see what his response is. If he starts breathing heavy, I'm hanging up!

(But, I won't change my number!!)


Unknown said...

I used to have a frequent wrong-number caller also. Once, twice - I understand, but over and over and over? Crazy!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Oh I definitely would pretend to be Helen to see what happens. How old is the gentleman? maybe he is forgetful and old and is looking for his sweetheart.



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