Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here's The Story

Here's the story of a middle aged fat lady

who was busy blogging her life away.

There were seens from the porch

Seens from the recliner

Seens from the new porch.

Trips wrongly made to the men's room.

Yet she was all alone.

Until one day the MA Fat Lady

saw her doctor

and was advised to get back to her presmoking weight.

It's been three years she said

no longer an excuse

But, I'm the MA Fat Woman, I said.

I don't care, become the MA Not So Fat Woman

So, there you have it. It kind of makes sense if you read the words like you would sing the Brady Bunch theme.

The dreaded D word!


I'd rather have diarrhea than be on a diet. And don't tell me it's for my own health, or it will make me feel better. Don't call me Fatty or Fatass! I poke enough fun at my own self. I already know all of that.

Now, anyone got a light?


The Peach Tart said...

I hate dieting but if it's for your health, then start small.

Chief said...

Dieting is like living in hell with a parka on!

Darryl said...

>>There were seens from the porch

Is this things seen from the porch or the scene from the porch. I'm a bit confused.

Jeanne Estridge said...

Dieting sucks.

Exercise, on the other hand, can be pretty fun....

Gianetta said...

PT: good advice

Chief: How! Yes, indeed.

Darryl: I leave many people dazed and confused. Look to past posts for the explanation behind Seens!

Jeanne: I know what you mean. I get a lot of exercise going to the fridge and back to the recliner.

Rae said...

Why can't we look at a donut the same way we look at spinach- or hominy? And how come we never crave carrots, but always carrot cake? Good luck- and when you find out the secret, let me know!



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