Monday, September 14, 2009

MTV Video Awards

Am I getting old?

Music Television or MTV used to be something that I watched for hours. Back in the 80s when it came out we hadn't seen anything like it before. If you wanted to see your favorite artists perform you had to watch Johnny Carson or go see them in person. And my family certainly couldn't afford that.

But with the advent of MTV you could see Madonna, Prince, or my favorite, Michael Jackson, up close and personal. I would watch those videos for days.

I had known that Janet Jackson was going to perform a tribute to her brother to open the show so I decided to tune in. Honestly, I don't know why MTV is having an awards show anyway I haven't seen a video on there in about 10 years. They just have a bunch of quasi reality shows and they've even run out of cities to host the Real World. They even canceled Total Request Live. (TRL)

Janet didn't even open the show, Madonna did with a monologue about Michael being a person and all and everybody should have left him alone. I love Madge, but let's face it, she's in her 50s. She's middle aged just like me. I saw her in concert last year and was expecting cone bras and corsets and got classical guitars and Don't Cry For Me Argentina...Yuck!

I try to remain relevant with my knowledge of new music. I do subscribe to Rolling Stone and they will list the latest and the greatest artists that are releasing a single or ring tone on ITunes. I don't see myself jumping headfirst into a mosh pit anytime soon and the music nowadays just makes me want to shake my head, not bang my head...

...I guess I am getting old, but I still want my MTV.


The Peach Tart said...

Sweetie I'm getting old too I guess. I don't like or understand most of today's music. In the day I remember having MTV on all the time. I'd dance around the house to it when I was getting dressed to go out. I miss it too.

Lisa Brower said...

Amen! I loved MTV back in the day. The title of your blog is hilarious, I have to add this to my blog roll. Great reading!

simoart said...

Well I am getting old too, look at it as life experiences accumulated which make us

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I have to agree. Maybe time moves on, but I still love my old music.

ReformingGeek said...

I'm just old enough that I didn't get into all the videos or MTV.

"Video killed the radio star...."




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