Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Conversation With LeBron

I've always wanted to be a sportswriter. With the ongoing saga that is the NBA free agency period I wasn't too surprised when I had a dream about LeBron James the other night.

I admit it, I'm really into sports--I get Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine and Sports Weekly. I like to watch ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic and every regional sports channel that I get through my local cable company. When all else fails and there isn't anything worth watching on the other channels you'll find me tuned into a rebroadcast of the Ohio State - Michigan football game from 1995. (Go Buckeyes!)

I think the dream job would be to host SportsCenter on ESPN. How cool is that? You watch clips of sporting events, make up sayings like "Jeter is as cool as the other side of the pillow" or "Back, back, back, back, back, back, GONE!" or even "Goooaaaalll". I could do that. I did call a few of the local high school's basketball games back when I was on the radio. I do have the voice---the look---not so much!

In the dream that I had about LeBron I was trying to convince him to come play for the Atlanta Hawks. (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOL) I know, like that is ever going to happen? The Hawks have about as much chance as signing James as I do of hosting SportsCenter. Slim and none! How many MA Fat Women have you seen as sports announcers lately? (My point exactly!) We were also playing a game of Around the World since I had already beaten him at H-O-R-S-E. I'm not sure how that game ended because I woke up from the dream!

LeBron will be making his BIG decision, live on ESPN Thursday evening. He's doing it that way so the Boys and Girls Clubs of America can get all of the profits made from the one hour broadcast. How cool is that?

Since I won't be hosting the program I'll have to tune in and watch. My bet is that he is staying in Cleveland. Us Ohio folks are like that; we're loyal!

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plin said...

My bet is that he will stay with the Cavs too. But part of me feel it is very disappointing if he goes through all these self promotion to stay at the same place.



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