Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pain Pills?

Remember that toothache I mentioned a few posts back? Well, it has erupted into a full blown root canal complete with a multi-thousand dollar follow up plan. Can you say ouch? I think somebody is trying to stick it to me...in more than one place.

The only thing that kept me going throughout the 4 hour process was the prospect of the pain pills that were mentioned several times. "I'm going to give you some pain meds to ease the throbbing in your jaw, okay?" said my dentist.

"Okay," I mumbled through the rubber dental dam.

"You'll be feeling great once you start on the painkillers," said the dental assistant.

"Cool," was my grimaced reply.

After the procedure was completed I was given my prescription and sent on my merry way. I glanced down to see what this wondrous drug was that was going to ease the throbbing that was just beginning to manifest itself since the laughing gas had begun to wear off.

It was Motrin!

That's right, Motrin!

I was hoping for Percocet, or maybe even a Valium, but a prescription for Motrin? I already had that in my medicine cabinet.


Janiss said...

You were gypped. I am allergic to most over-the-counter painkillers, even aspirin, so if I'm hurting, they pretty much have to give me the good stuff.

stella said...

Gosh MA I sure do feel for ya. And dentist like to try and save natural teeth, at the owners expense I might add. If I knew I needed a root canal, I think I would opt for a permanant fix. I would have it pulled and get an implant. Hubby has 3, an they all started with "well we can do a root canal for a $1000 and if that dont work..." Lil things add up at the dentist. And to give ya motrin, dang did he think ya had PMS or what. lol Hope ya get better fast.

Lynn Hahn said...

Why the prescription for an over the counter drug? I hope it was a stronger dose. They charge a heck of a lot more for the prescription.

MA Fat Woman said...

Janiss- Sometimes you need the hard stuff!

Stella- I wish I would have had the PMS; beats dental work anyday.

Lynn- It was for perscription strength; but still not what I was hoping for.



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