Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summertime Conversations

***The following conversation took place between my mother and me a few days ago. We hadn't spoken in over a week which is unusual for us.


Me: Hello?

Mom: What'cha doing?

Me: Sweatin'!

Mom: Oh! What'cha been doing?

Me: Sweating.

Mom: I see.

Me: How was your trip?

Mom: Warm.

Me: Did you do any sight-seeing?

Mom: Well, we started to get out of the car once, but it was too hot.

Me: I see. When did you get back?

Mom: A few days ago. Did you do anything for Friend's birthday?

Me: We were gonna go fishing, but it was too humid. Went to the casino instead.

Mom: Oh, my! How much did you lose?

Me: None! I came out ahead for a change.

Mom: Wow! Good for you. What about Friend?

Me: wasn't her day. She did get to keep her birthday cake, though.

Mom: Hahahahaha. Lololololololol. Hehehehhe...

Me: You shouldn't laugh at that...

Mom: I can't help it; it's funny to me.

Me: I'm going to cook a birthday dinner, do you want to come eat?

Mom: Come to your house? In this heat? Heavens, no! It would be fun to watch you play musical air conditioners, though. Well, gotta go, Wheel of Fortune is on. Bye.


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Lesia said...

sounds like something me and my mom would say. smile.



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