Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are You Still Hungry?

Having worked in the restaurant industry in the past what I saw in a restaurant a few weeks ago almost changed my mind about dining there. I was craving Chinese food but I didn't want to dine in so I had ordered takeout.

Now, in my small town we only have three Far Eastern restaurants to choose from. One serves mainly curry inspired dishes which I don't particularly like the taste of. The second is an older establishment that charges way too much. And the third restaurant offers a nice sit down family environment with very attentive and always cleaning something servers.

I had to go inside to pick up my order, went ahead and paid but had to wait a few minutes before it was completely ready. Finally, I had my dinner and headed out the door. As I approached the door, my gaze was drawn to something small and black, laying on the floor, just before the doorstep opened to the outside. Upon closer inspection, I was disgusted to realize that it was a roach. A dead roach, but a cockroach still the same.

Perhaps, things wouldn't have seemed so screwed up if I had noticed the roach on the way inside the restaurant, before I got my food. I would have just turned around and walked out. No extra protein for me, thank you! So, what do you do? The bug could have come in on somebody's shoe. Do I report it to the nice lady that takes the money? Or, do I pretend that I never even saw it....

Well, I was hungry, and it was raining, I didn't want to go back inside. I did get a pic of it; it was on my cell phone and didn't turn out very well. I did pay closer attention to my food that night...


Irene said...

I'm sure you identified all the suspicious bits and put them to the side. Nothing went crunch, I hope.

Rae said...

We have a Chinese buffet in town with every item available that you can think of. And it's reasonably priced. We had my granddaughter's birthday party there one year. While eating my fried rice, I bit into something hard. It was a metal button off someones clothing. Talk about losing your appetite!
They said "solly" and that's about it.

HulaBuns said...

GAAAAAG! Oh man, I don't think I would have been able to eat it.

Although, as you said it probably made it's way in on the bottom of someone's shoe. I hope you opted to get something not crunchy! Because if it were me, I would have been thinking "roach" every time I bit down on something crunchy.

stella said...

ewwww, but in reality those things get everywhere. And if it was dead, its prolly cause they do spray which is good. SHould a had some of that meatloaf. lol

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Its a food store so its should be clean so i guess you should report it, its better to make sure that the place is safety to dine in.

Claudya Martinez said...

Maybe the roach doesn't like Chinese food because it was in the doorway and not the kitchen.

Gianetta said...

Nora- You're right! I identified everything; no crunchies!

Rae- I was out with friends one time and one of them found an ear ring in his spumonte.

Hula- No crunchies here!

Stella- Yep. Should have stuck with the meatloaf.

Working- You're probably right.

Mami- I hadn't thought of that.



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