Thursday, February 10, 2011

Contest Deadline Rapidly Approaching

I've reposted the contest post again to encourage participation. Geesh! Can you help a girl out? It's free to guess and you might just win something. On a side note, my new computer had to go visit her friends at the Geek Squad for the third time in as many months. The MA Fat Woman is beginning to get a bit annoyed--to say the least. The way things are going, I might be getting a new one. Thankfully, it's still under warranty. And on another side note; it snowed again. (Yuck!)

Well, it seems like I have stumped the readers of MA Fat Woman. Only one brave reader tried to venture a guess of what gift cards I received for Christmas. I gave you a very good clue that one of the cards was from a new place that opened up in my town last August. To give you another clue, almost every county seat in America probably has one. Easy, if you ask me.

To also encourage audience participation, I am going to remove the Longhorn and Home Depot answers so you will only have to guess 5 out of 8 which should help.

1. Amazon

2. EBay

3. Walmart

4. Kohl's

5. iTunes

6. Starbucks

7. Sears

8. Visa

Leave your guesses in the comment section and the winner will receive the handmade burlap bag that we made last fall. The contest is open to international readers and family as well so give it your best shot.

The winner will be announced soon!

Happy Guessing!


YeYe said...

It's not easy as I'm not american. But my guess is

stella said...

Ok G, my guess would be numbers 1,2,3,5,8. Darn, I like that bag, thas cool. Love the smell of old burlap too, reminds me of tater diggin time here on the farm.
Will get those tobacco worm bean seed out to ya in the next week.

Sammi said...

Hi, New reader here, and I love your blog.

My guess is

and Kohls.

Have a great day!

Dana said...

2. EBay

3. Walmart

5. iTunes

7. Sears

8. Visa

Have you spent your cards yet? :)

Dana said...

Wasn't sure whether to post here or on the latest post about the contest.... so I did both! LOL

1. Walmart

2. Amazon

3. iTunes

4. Starbucks

5. Sears



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