Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Return To Dallas

I'm beginning to wonder if television isn't running out of ideas. Back in the day, or the 80's as I refer to them, the only "Reality Show" around was On the Road With Charles Kuralt. It depicted what life was like in the small towns of America. News was designated to a certain time every day: Local news at 6:00 PM and the Evening news at 6:30 PM; everything you needed to know was delivered in that one hour time span. Nowadays, the local Fox station starts delivering the news at 4:30 AM and goes until 10:00 AM, again for an hour at noon, two hours starting at 5:00 PM and then for another hour and a half at 10:00 PM. Is there really that much going on I need to know about?

What brought on this journey down memory lane was a news blurb I saw that Larry Hagman had agreed to return to television to his iconic role of J.R. Ewing. Really? Are they having another reunion show? Later in the day, I heard that Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey had also agreed to return. It seems that it wasn't a reunion show but a remake of the original Dallas now focusing on the next generation...i.e....John Ross. According to the report, the three original cast members would only be in the pilot, or the first show.

That made me mad!

Really, really mad. Finally, network execs were going to get something right. I know I'm approaching that age (45 and up) where advertising folks don't think we matter anymore, but I think they are wrong. I think my generation, and the one ahead of me is ready for a few good television programs. I mean, How many Law and Order shows can one watch? Do I really care if the Bachelor is as fickle as a pimply-faced teenager? And finally: Will you please find a star that I actually might want to dance with? John Travolta, anyone?

I went to Southfork a few years ago and toured the ranch. Unfortunately, J.R. and Bobby weren't at home. I hope to return to Dallas one day, and if I do, I'll be sure to head back out to the ranch. That's what I hope for the original cast of Dallas, too. If enough folks complain about it, maybe J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen will get to stick around for more than just one episode.

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