Thursday, March 10, 2011

Conversations Of The Unemployed

***The following is an ongoing conversation that I have been having with myself for almost two years.***


You're kidding me? You still haven't found a job yet? Aren't you supposed to be one of the smartest people around? Why don't you go work at McDonald's or something? As Brother said, if you're hungry enough you'll do about anything.

Well, you know I have applied to every restaurant and retail facility in town. I stood in line for 4 hours to be interviewed for a part time position at a pizza joint and 500 other people showed up too--all for a shot at 25 part time opportunities.

What about the new Walmart?

I applied there too. Didn't even get called for an interview. Loser.

I thought you had years of customer service experience. Plus, a degree in Management and a Real Estate License and you didn't even get an interview. Maybe, you're doing something wrong.

Like what? I'm looking for input....Input!...Me, Johnny 5!

Can it with the impressions! Nobody probably remembers Short Circuit, anyway. Have you tried the Department of Labor?

Labor! HAH! That place should be called the Department of Rest. The only jobs listed there are for farm workers in the Deep South. I know I used to work on a farm but I wouldn't even last two hours out in the field trying to keep up with those folks.

What about Craigslist?

Been there. Done that. I've tried all of the online job sites: Career Builder, Monster, Indeed, Simply Hired, the local papers. Nothing.


You can Can it with the Loser remarks too!

Sorry. Are you sorry you left the Post Office now? All your family wants to talk about when you get together is how you left the perfect job and you've done nothing since. Why haven't you told them that your position was going to be eliminated and how sick you were? What about applying for Disability?

Well, family is family and nobody wants to hear your problems; everyone has their own to muddle through. I guess being a professional mystery shopper, a reseller at the flea market and a full time blogger don't amount to much in some folk's eyes.

That sounds like a full time job to me. Mystery shopper, huh? I always thought they were scams. Can you tell me about it? I'd like to earn some extra money...

Nope! I'm not allowed to talk about it. It's classified!

Classified, huh? Maybe you aren't such a loser after all.


The Crotchety Old Man said...

I'm so sorry...don't give up and never stop believing in yourself and your ability. Check with some of the places you'd like to work about volunteer opportunities--even if it's not the kind of place you'd expect to see volunteers. Most hiring decisions are based on who you know--volunteering is a way to get to know the people where you want to work.

Rae said...

I have the same conversations with myself! My husband doesn't want me working weekends or that pretty much rules out everything! If only we could make a living with our blogs!
Cheer up- it's Friday!

MtnGrl said...

I totally understand this (and YOU KNOW you are not a loser!) I sent out *hundreds* of resumes a few years ago befor the word recession was ever uttered, and got 3 phone interviews in a year and half and 2face to face--and I work in I.T. in D.C. which is allegedly recession-proof! Being a 'certain age' with *so many* folks in the job market brings its own set of challenges. Awhile back I got assignments from a company that uses licensed real estate agents to take drive-by photos and fill out basic information on REOS that you email to them. I don't know if they're national, but if you're interested, I can dig up the info and pass it along. Keep your chin up (and don't let your family get you down)!

fishlover said...

I am so with you! well its not me but my husband, His been unemployed for 7 months now, he keeps trying his luck to apply in almost all of the company that is hiring but until now,no one calls him back! but I think we can't complain, just thinking of what happen to japan right now, we are still blessed in the other way.Good luck I'm praying the economy will get better soon there in the US.

Sharkbytes said...

I hear you... totally. I have a Masters in engineering and a raft of other experience in various jobs. Applied to 15 places for part time work this fall. Got 2 interviews and one job. But at least I got one.

P.S. LOVE Short Circuit!

Catherine said...

The Loser label is a hard one to shake. I was just laid off for the 2nd time in 2 years in a state that still has almost 10% unemployment. There is no work for me here but if I want to move to Atlanta or Boston I can at least get an interview. It's grim.

As mentioned by a couple other people volunteering can be great. For me, it fills part of the day and it is in my profession (librarian). Unfortunately, it's the public lbrary and they hire people w/ GEDs for $10 an hour now not people w/ a master's degree who would like a salary. Sigh.

We'll just keep trying right?!



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