Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plans For My Birthday

I bet some of you might have forgotten that my birthday is fast approaching. In case you have, it's April 4, and by the way, there's still time to get my present in the mail. If you're having trouble deciding what a great gift might be for me, money is always nice.

Anyhow, starting out things in true, typical MAFW fashion, I started out the week with a bad haircut and car trouble. I thought I had learned my lesson regarding getting my hair cut at a particular place but I actually got a decent cut there last time, but alas, it was not meant to be. I like short hair, but this time the lady scalped me.

I left the salon rubbing my head, wondering where my hair had went and hopped into the Mustang hoping to get the hell out of there before I threw a fit. (I'm not vain by any means, but I do like to have a nice hairdo.) Well, somebody forgot to tell Sally that I was ready to go because she wouldn't even turn over, let alone crank.



What else? I popped the hood and stared in wonder at all of the things that I knew nothing about. At that point, the lady that had just chopped my hair up stepped out of the salon for a smoke. "Car trouble?" she asked. (Here's your sign!) I basically ignored her but she continued to look in my direction. "You know, your hair is really short. I guess I did cut it too short. Oh, well, it will grow back."

I started to flip her off, but decided not to; that's not very ladylike. I'll think long and hard before I go back there. Anyhow, not sure what's wrong with the car. It could be the battery, starter or alternator. I'll worry about that when I get back from my trip.

I'm going to Savannah for a long weekend. I'm especially looking forward to the ghost tour that I'm taking. I hope to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant again and have a pint in the Irish Pub down on River Street. If you're in town and you see a MAFW with a really bad hairdo, don't be afraid to say hi.



meleah rebeccah said...

Oh man, that sucks. I have left a salon one time too many crying over a bad haircut. I'm not that vain either - but I wasn't thrilled about having to wear a hat for three months waiting for my hair to grow back!

I do hope you car gets fixed quickly and whatever is wrong with it - doesn't cost too much to fix!

Enjoy your long weekend. And enjoy your birthday!

stella said...

Ya mean it aint lady-like to flip someone the bird? Hell ya shoulda tole me sooner. lol I hate having my picture taken, so needless to say there are lots of fotos with me doin just that. lol
Hope you have a wonderful trip and maybe ya car jus didnt want to go on this trip. We can hope, right?

Margaret Hall said...

I "hear" ya' about the bad/too-short haircut~!! AND---I hate it when someone calls you on it! DANG! What are they thinkin' when they chop?...That is why mine is straggly and whips my face in the wind...They point---"Look at that ol' lady with the stringy hair"~! But, I am chicken to go and get it even TRIMMED!!
Sounds like a great time at Paula Deen's..I would love it and I hope that you have a blast celebratin'~!! HAVE FUN!!!!



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