Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are Ruffles Making A Comeback?

I was watching The View this morning and was completely mesmerized by the busyness that surrounded co host Elizabeth Hasselbeck's face. It looked liked something was trying to strangle her or maybe a torn ruffle off of a 1980s tablecloth.


I need a brain!

Bow Wow!

I'm not much of a fashion goddess or anything but I know better than to wear something that is suitable only for washing the dog or stuffing a scarecrow on national television. Can someone recommend a stylist or something?

Now, I'm not being mean just to be mean. I did say, Well, bless her heart, as we say in the South before poking fun at someone and I do remember being the proud owner of a blouse like the ones shown below.

The year was 1984 or something like that, but I owned several ruffled shirts and I'm sure Mom has a picture somewhere.

So that makes it about 25 years since ruffles were the "it" thing; I guess that's long enough ago for them to come back in style. I better get myself down to the new Walmart and see if they have any in stock.

Or better still, I'll check Mom's closet; I'm sure she still has a whole collection of ruffled attire straight out of 1982.


Anonymous said...

I will be the first to admit that I love wearing the new ruffles. I think they soften the wrinkles around my eyes, and other places. I'm 72 years old. If I like it, I wear it.

sally said...

Well, I keep my ruffles to almsot none now. I have a memory of blouses in the late 50's, early sixties called the Liz Taylor. The ruffles went down the front and wrapped around to the sides to end at the middle of the side, an outside blouse, never tucked in. Every color was available, I think I only owned a purple one. It may have been a hand me down from my mother or older sisters. I looved it. But can you picture this: a chubby little girl with a big smile and ruffles accentuaing her already large, out of style waist.

Vera said...

Haha, i just bought a top with ruffles! It is very busy :)



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