Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Without A Father

Father's Day isn't quite as enjoyable as it used to be since we lost Dad; in fact, it's down right depressing. But since I was visiting Sister, up north of the Sweet Tea line, we decided we would have our own celebration; something that Dad would have enjoyed tremendously: Good food and a Western.

We had slept late after our fun and exciting evening at the beauty salon the night before (story to come) and decided we would cook something from scratch.

MAFW: You want biscuits and gravy?

Sister: Yessss.

MAFW: I know, me too! They were his favorite.

Sister: You gonna fry taters?

MAFW: Yessss. I'm not putting any onions in them either.

Sister: When are you going to outgrow this whole onion thing.....

MAFW: I'm NOT cooking them with onions. I'm not peeling them and I'm not touching them.

Sister: You just ate a whole bag of Herr's Sour Cream & ONION chips...

MAFW: Don't matter; I'm still not messing up my fried taters with your nasty onions.

Sister: Okay. You can cook the onions separately and then I'll add them to my potatoes.

MAFW: I don't even want to smell them...

Sister: Gee whiz, you're killing me. Just cook the blasted onions. Dad liked onions in his fried potatoes, you know.

MAFA: Oh, all right!

After a breakfast of fried potatoes, (onions for Sister) biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs, it was time to settle in to watch the new version of the movie True Grit starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the movie was; most remakes are not very good. What I liked about the Western was that it wasn't overdone. Many of today's movies have such unbelievable special effects that the story sometimes gets lost; this didn't happen in True Grit.

Once the movie was over, Sister and I both agreed that we had enjoyed a really good Father's Day; one that Dad would have appreciated. After an hour or so reminenscing about the old days we looked at each other and both tried to stifle a yawn as the realization hit us at the same time: The only thing missing from this Father's Day (besides Dad) was a nap!

After all, that's what he would have done...

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Rae said...

I miss my Dad, too, It's nice you could be with your sister, though. I love taters and onions! Next time toss in peeled apple slices. Yum! Almost as delicious as nap time!



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