Friday, July 1, 2011

More Summertime Conversations

I had just returned from my mini vacation and was enjoying the early summer heat (not) when Mom called.

MAFW: Hello?

Mom: Whatcha' doin'?

MAFW: Whew! I'm sweating like a whore in church.

Mom: Holy Crap! You swear worse than your dad did; you know that's not very ladylike and I taught you better than that.

MAFW: Sometimes you can't use the nice words when a bad one fits so perfectly.

Mom: What? Are you making up stuff again? It sure is hot, ain't it. I bet you were glad to be back in your own home playing musical air conditioners, aren't ya? Are you having another hot flash? *snort

MAFW: Mom?

Mom: What?

MAFW: What did you want?

Mom: I don't know. You called me blubbering about sweating in church or something.

MAFW: I'm not a 'ho.

Mom: Lord, you better not be. I'd pull you up by the hair on your head...


Mom: Listen here, MYMY...don't you get smart with me...if you're so hot why don't you go stick your head in the freezer like you did when you was a kid. I gotta go, Jeopardy is on. Click!

1 comment:

Classic NYer said...

You and your mother sound like me and my mother, haha!



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