Thursday, December 15, 2011

Get Your Free Copy Today

Wow! I'm finally glad the twelve days of dieting are over. Nothing ruins the holiday spirit more than trying to watch what you're eating this time of the year. I did lose three pounds though, which is pretty good. I've had a ton of stuff going on and it's been crazy to say the least.

But, what I have been waiting to do is have a contest and give away a couple of my books signed personally by me, the MAFW! How cool is that? Very cool, I'd say. HEY! You can laugh all you want to but I'll have you know that I am very serious when it comes to signing my name. In fact, I have been practicing my autograph since 4th grade.

It's changed a bit--I've had to ad the MAFW part to it, but I've had the old Jane Handcock perfected for a very long time. It goes something like this:

Oh, wait! The only way you can get it is to order a book from me or wait to win one. Either way, you'll come out a winner!

Anyhow, all you have to do to enter the contest is to leave a comment about why you want an autographed copy. That's it! Quick and easy. I'll pick the winner Christmas Eve and announce it on the December 26th. (I can't announce it on Christmas because I have a special post for that day.)

Again, just leave a comment about why you want an autographed copy of Reflections On A Middle-Aged Fat Woman the book and I'll pick two lucky winners to receive their very own signed copy.

(Also available in Kindle and other eBook formats.)

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