Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Too Many Choices

On a recent Saturday morning I found myself doing errands in my hometown when I heard my stomach growl. My first thought was how could I possibly be hungry after what I had eaten the night before? My second thought was I wonder if they are still serving breakfast at McDonalds? After another two stops; one at the post office and another at the drugstore to pick up a prescription I found myself waiting in the drive-thru lane at my favorite fast food joint.

My anticipation was building as I slowly inched my way forward to the ordering speaker. Should I get an egg mcmuffin? Maybe, I should try the new oatmeal that Sister has been raving about? What about a sausage biscuit? Should I get a value meal? Do I really need hashbrowns? Should I get coffee? They can't seem to fix my coffee the way I like it. Actually, I don't know how many shots of cream or sugar to tell them; that's probably the reason.

I continued to to inch forward in the car when I heard the lady in front of me order the sausage mcgriddles. Oh My! Now, that's something I would like to try I thought to myself, but what if I don't like it. I better stick to something safe.

Order taker: "Hi, welcome to McDonalds! May I take your order?"

MAFW: "Hi, Uhh, I think I'll have the sausage biscuit with egg."

Order taker: "Okay, would you like to get an extra value meal?"

MAFW: "Uh, sure."

Order taker: "Okay, would you like small, medium or large?"

MAFW: "Uh, I'll take medium. How many hash browns do you get with medium?"

Order taker: "You get one hash brown."

MAFW: "Okay, I'll take medium."

Order taker: "What would you like to drink?"

MAFW: "I'll have a Diet Coke."

Order taker: "Small, medium or large."

MAFW: "Drinks are all the same price, aren't they?"

Order taker: "Yes, they are."

MAFW: "Okay, I'll have the large diet."

I was waiting for the guy to state my total and to please pull forward when I was asked something else. "Would you like the folded or round egg?"

MAFW: "Excuse me?"

Order taker: "Would you like the folded or round egg?"

MAFW: "Uh, what?"

Order taker: "Ma'am, would you like a folded or round egg with your sausage biscuit with egg extra value meal?"

Are you kidding me? I have a hard enough time trying to figure out where I want to eat and what I want to eat. Now I have to decide what shape of egg I want, give me a break! "I'm not sure," I asked. "Do they taste the same?"

Order taker: "Excuse me?"

MAFW: "Yeah,I was wondering if the folded or round egg tasted the same?" (Don't laugh, they could be serving sunny-side up or over medium.)

Order taker: "I think so, they come out of the same place, you know?"



Rose A. Valenta said...


C.Thurlow said...

So which one did you go for? Lol

Carolyn Plath said...

It's the same at Taco Bell! Everything tastes the same...just order by shape: two oblongs and a round, please.

Michael said...

lol. you remind me of my manager from my previous job. :)

Bob C. said...

My experiences at Micky D's have been similar but usually with my favorite item, the fish sandwich.

Me: I like a plain fish sandwich, please.

Cashier: Plain? You don't want the cheese of the tartar sauce?

Me: No.

Cashier: Plain? No cheese?

Me: No.

Cashier: No tartar sauce?

Me: No, plain.

Cashier: Okay that will be...

I usually wait around because inevitably someone in the kitchen will ask. "Do they mean "plain"? No cheese? No tartar sauce? Just a fish fillet and a bun?

When the cashier answers "Yes" to all their questions, they say something like, "Takes all kinds."

Loved the post for confirming that it just isn't my experience.

Gianetta said...

Rose- Glad it made you chuckle.

Caprice- I went for the folded one. Something made me think the round one would be less egg than the folded one.

Michael- I get that a lot.

Bob- There's plain Janes everywhere, I guess.

Carolyn- I might order like that the next time I'm at Taco Bell.



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