Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top Ten Signs Spring Hasn't Actually Sprung

Even though the calendar says so many folks across the country are having a hard time believing that it IS actually Spring. 

So to add a little humor to the situation here are the top ten signs that Spring hasn't yet sprung.

spring photo: Welcome spring welcome_spring_zps48afbe63.gif

10. It's snowing everywhere...even in Hawaii.

9.   People in the south have even moved farther south.

8.   People in the north are all broke from paying heating bills for the last 10 months.

7.   There's snow on my lettuce plants.

6.   I don't know whether to run to the store for bread and milk or run to the basement and hide from the severe weather.

5.   I'm wearing shorts with an overcoat, stocking hat and boots.

4.   To hell with the drought; the melting snow is watering my garden.

3.   My spring time allergies are fighting with my dry winter skin itch.

2.   Easter is never supposed to be in March.

1.   The Easter Bunny has asked Santa if he can borrow his sleigh and the lyrics from Here Comes Peter Cottontail have been changed to  Here comes Peter Cottontail, slipping down the bunny trail, hippity, hoppity, Winter won't go away.

There you have it, the top ten signs that Spring hasn't yet sprung--I'm sure you might have a few of your own. But don't worry, Mother Nature will begin to cooperate really soon--I just hope she doesn't go straight on into summer.  Seriously, I'm not ready for 100° weather...

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Carla King said...

Hi there! I'm LovesMoose on Twitter and just found your blog.

You wrote Sring in your post title. I think the P wandered off into the woods. :o)

I'm from Columbus and can remember the day my family left Ohio for California. It wasn't a happy occasion. Anyway, fun post!



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