Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do They Still Develop Pictures?

Since Polaroid up and stopped manufacturing instant Polaroid film a few years ago, my picture taking has taken a beating. I loved using it and can still hear the click and swooshing noise it made when  ejecting the photo. Also, standing around and waving it through the air waiting on it to develop. I still take quite a few photos but these days since a cell phone is a necessary evil when leaving the house it has become my camera, too.

I'm not big on handbags, in fact, I down right detest them, but the older I get, the more stuff I have to carry with me. The small purse (I was nearly 40 before I started carrying  one.) is actually a bag used to carry cigarettes in. Since I no longer smoke, it became the perfect holder for my cell phone. Also, other needed items as opposed to my younger days include aspirin, something for heart burn, something for gas, something for low sugar and if there's room--chap stick and a small tube of hand sanitizer. All of those items fit compactly into the compartment that used to hold a pack of smokes and a Bic lighter.

My, how times have changed.

Ever since I started using my phone as my camera, I have stopped carrying a camera with me unless it was for actually being on vacation. I don't really mind that much but it doesn't take very good pictures; they always seem to be a bit dull and slightly fuzzy. (Could be my picture taking ability, too?)

Another thing that has changed, too, is that I have hundreds of pictures on my computer. Mom was browsing through some photos of our latest trip and said she wanted a copy of one. Mom isn't as technically savvy as I am or so I thought. She is certainly more advanced  than me when it comes to the development of digital photos. In a flash, as I stood there totally bemoaning the fact that I hadn't developed a digital photo in about, oh, I don't know, ever, she had punched a few buttons, grabbed the flash drive and declared we were going to the Walgreens right up the road

I guess she really wanted a copy of that photo!

That situation has encouraged me to develop a few of my past digital photos and that is how I came across this picture of Wally and Ralph. In fact, as I looked around the house, I realized that I had no photos of them or of no one for that matter. That's something I intend to change and this photo turned out okay.

I'll see you later. I'm off to Walgreens...

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