Thursday, August 1, 2013

Slept Right Through It

I've been blessed for the past week or so with a tremendous sinus infection. I've been back home to southern Ohio two times in the past three months and have returned each time with a sinus infection. In fact, every time I visit my childhood home, I return with the nasty crud.

My days have consisted of sleeping for 12-plus hours, having a small bowl of soup, taking a 3-hour afternoon nap, having another small bowl of soup, and then staring at the bottle of NyQuil to see if I have enough to get me through the night and the next day.

This has been my routine for the last seven days.

The bad part is that I am now out of NyQuil and have to go to town.

The good part is that I have lost ten pounds. (Yay for me!)

We've had an unusually large amount of rainfall this year.  In fact, the North Georgia area is over two feet ahead of its rainfall total for a year.  The creeks and lakes are full and the grass and woods are lush.

I awoke this morning to a blaring telephone that wouldn't stop ringing.  Somewhere, in my NyQuil-induced slumber I remembered hearing the rain falling and a blast or two of thunder.  It was Mom on the line, "Are you okay? I've been calling all morning.  We made the news, both in Atlanta and Chattanooga; mudslides on Burnt Mountain; Blackberry Mountain flooded away. They even called for a mandatory evacuation of the Coosawattee River. Can you believe it?"

"Huh?" was all I could manage.

"Huh? Is that all you got to say? You still feelin' poorly?"

"Yes, I slept right through it."

"Oh, I see, well you better lay off that NyQuil. I don't want you to go floating away..."

I think she's right.

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