Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Just Because Day

Who knew?

I didn't, that's for sure.

I was going through my email---deleting most before I even open them when something caught my eye. It was from a flower company wanting me to send someone a bouquet "just because." It seems that August 27, is Just Because Day.

What rock have I been hiding under that I have never heard of this special day. Certainly, no one that I know has heard of it because I know for sure that I would have received a bouquet before now. Don't you think so?

As I tend to do from time to time my mind started to wonder about that last thought. In fact, I started stressing, debating, critiquing, fantasizing, bribing, bargaining and any other descriptive word you could think of to try and ascertain why I have never participated in Just Because Day.

First of all, I have never heard of it. I did a little research and discovered that Just Because Day was founded in 2005 to do something good for someone without rhyme or reason.

Well, I like the idea of it, but isn't that just being nice.

Or thoughtful.

Can you imagine if we were only nice to one another on only one day of the year? I don't think this world would be big enough to hold the 10 billion people that didn't want to be around another person for 364 days a year just because is wasn't Just Because Day.

What if everyone you spoke to, came in contact with or even looked at gave you the finger, told you to *uck off or just plain ignored you for every day but one?

Your BFF: "Screw you!"

Your spouse: "Up yours!"

Your mother: "Bite me! Why won't you grow up and move away?"

I know that is certainly somewhere that I don't want to live.

So, I will be the first person that I know to participate in Just Because Day. One of you will receive something unexpected and I will direct you to this post to understand why.

For the rest of you, I'll just say hi and that you're doing a great job for no other reason than just because.

Now, you all know. Pass it on.

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Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I do love the "pass it forward" movement as it is an admirable thing to do and inspires others. Kindness, just because, is done every day by people, but seldom by companies who are out to get your business and money.



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