Monday, July 27, 2015

The Benefits Of Travelling Alone

On my recent trip to Florida to fetch Mom I was delighted to find myself traveling alone. Just me, the Mustang and the open road....Ahhh--I can still feel the wind whipping around through the open windows of the car as I cruise along at a steady 80 MPH.

Can you hear the stereo blasting out my favorites hits from the 80s? The Outfield. REO Speedwagon. Journey. Air Supply. (Yes, I totally love Air Supply) Joan Jett. AC DC. Hall & Oates.

Did you see a MA Fat Woman in a sporty red car, "Just Dancing" her bootay off and singing along and as loud as she could to Lady Gaga? While at the same time doing the Humpty, the Humpty Dance while wearing apple bottomed jeans and boots with the fur....Yes, my friends, that was me!

At one point during my drive I was on such a roll of hearing back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back good songs that I could totally get into that I was totally oblivious to a cop that had been following me for several miles. Luckily, during a commercial intervention, I was able to calm down long enough to see him and maintain a more dignified persona as he drove past and gave me a look.

Of course, never one to be unfriendly, I gave him a smile and a wave and cranked the radio back up--I had to-- Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer had just started.

I was able to stop and eat at the first place that I saw that looked appetizing. I filled up with gas. Plus, I had a potty break...all in one stop! That never happens when I'm riding with someone.

Nobody in my family likes to ride with the windows down. (Except, Dad.)

I was able to listen to whatever music I liked, as loud as I could stand it and sing along blissfully off key without a care in the world.

...Another benefit of traveling alone.

Uh, oh! What's that smell?

Smeller is the feller...

...and whomever smelt it, dealt it!

Can't blame nobody but yourself...


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I love driving by myself. Your post reminded me of when I had my small white convertible and would drive around listening to my music and feeling 10 years younger.

Lin said...

I like to sing while I'm driving, so the kids always liked when it was my shift to drive on road trips. Dad...not so much. He yelled that he couldn't sleep. :( Buzz kill.

Unknown said...

Oh my, it's been a long time since I've driven by myself. I still have a lingering 8 year old (hubby and I had blessed uh-oh in the late 30s). So, I still have a little person in the backseat. :)

Family vacations - still eventful experiences at the airport and beyond.

Ahhh... to travel alone. LOL Nice blog. Glad I found it.

Gianetta said...

Starting Over--Maybe you should go find that little white convertible this new generation how it's done.

Lin-And what makes it really perfect is when the DJ is playing your favorite songs on every station!

TC WBrooks--I'm glad you found me too. Uh-ohs are what makes the world go 'round...



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