Monday, May 16, 2016


When I was growing up back in the 70s our family reunions were usually held in the area where my mom was raised. The area is located in northwestern Ohio south of Toledo in a town named St. Marys.

I really enjoyed visiting the area because I usually got to stay at my cousin's house. They had the coolest house around. They had a volleyball court set up in their side yard where all the neighbors would come and hang out. The house was also located near the lake about a block from the beach and the nearby snack bar that was only open during the summer. How cool was that?

My cousins usually had a camper set up in the yard too for all of the relatives that seemed to show up only for the reunion. It was jam packed-kids everywhere. We had a blast.

One of my earliest memories of the family reunion is planted firmly in my brain. We were making plans for that last needed run to the local grocery store before the reunion and my little cousin was very excited. It seemed that he loved going to the grocery store and he usually ended up getting a treat of some kind.

"Goin' to Krogritz!"

"Goin' to Krogritz!"

"When we goin' to Krogritz?"

He was running and jumping up and down wanting to know when we were going to Krogritz. I remember looking blankly at my mom and asking what is Krogritz?

She told me that Krogritz is actually Krogers. My cousin has called it Krogritz from the first day that he learned to how to speak.

And it stuck. To this day my entire family calls Krogers, Krogritz!

Don't ask me why?


Vicki said...

LOL! I grew up in Ohio too, Columbus. When I got married I always shopped at Krogritz. I live in Florida now and there aren't any here. I miss that store!

Gianetta said...

A fellow Buckeye!



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