Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Growing Trend

You'll have to excuse me for a second, but, I'm a bit confused about something.

I thought taxes were supposed to be paid.

How many people are in the President's Cabinet?

How many are being investigated for tax problems?

Do you think because they are public officials that they think they can get away with it?

Tax fraud, tax evasion, tax liens, back taxes--these are now the words that the American public is being subjected to; instead of, yes, we can.

It's a growing trend, and I don't like it.

Do you?


Kirsten said...

That's pretty crazy! I have been paying taxes my whole life and I don't get as far as these guys. Maybe I should try something different! :)

Unknown said...

It is only because of who they are that you hear about it. I know people who cheat on their taxes every year and it pisses me off. I know several people who will claim someone else and then split the money.

A New Yorker said...

Here's one better...Remember Joe the Plumber? They slaughtered him in the press over his lack of paying about $1200 in taxes. Where's the outrage from the press this time? Sure they are reporting it but there's no outrage. There's no slaughtering of the picks or the fact that one was confirmed to the Cabinet. Hmmm
My word veri is ducemsh...take out the em and you've got a very correct description of the people in our media and government.

Lin said...

Yeah! And don't you wonder how many more of them just aren't caught? I do. I think they should lose whatever post they are aiming for right then and there.

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