Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Conversations

The Seen- The parking lot of a grocery store in a small southern town on a mid February sunny day.

Me: "Nice weather we're having today?"

Elderly Lady Sitting in Car: "Boy, it sure is. I'm jest sitting here recovering. I had all my theeth pulled out."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Elderly Lady in Car: "I got bad theeth and had have to those things pulled right outta my mouth. Hurt me so bad, that I started screaming for my 'ate dead 'usband to come git me."

Me: "Did you get any pain medicines?"

Elderly lady: "Nahh, 'entist said that I 'ad brittle bones and it might cause me to slip and fall and break a 'ip. Don't wanna do that. You been to the doctor lately?"

Me: "Well, acutally, I just spent three hours there today."

Elderly lady: "Oh, you poor chil'. It 'ust pains me to see you young folks 'aving so many problems. Ouch, that 'urt--wind must've got in there. Well, 'ere comes my dauther, we're going to someplace where they supposed to fit me for some 'alse theeth. 'ope you 'eel better. Bye, Bye!


Lin said...

Oh, god, I think you just talked to my mother. Not kidding. That's the kind of sh*t she does and then tells me about later. I don't want to get old!!!

Life With Dogs said...

Ouch! Tooth pain is the worst.



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