Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Activating A Credit Card...Part II

I really didn’t know I was so lucky. Somehow I lucked out to receive a new credit card from the same company that sent me a new credit card six months ago. If you missed that story you can check it out here. No wonder these companies are in such sad shape.

The latest ploy from this credit card company is to keep sending me new cards before my current card expires. How stupid is that? I usually just shred the new card. It has the same account number and expiration date. They just want to get your current phone number so they can bug the crap out of you. I wonder what would happen if I didn’t call from my home number? Would they still activate my card?

I’ve had the new card for several weeks but I’m trying to get things in order, tidying up loose ends and completing miscellaneous tasks. I sat around all afternoon and had basically worked myself into a tizzy. Talk about somebody having a bad attitude. I was P ‘od and I hadn’t even talked to anybody yet.

I called the 1-800-charge-your-life-away activation number and was prepared to speak with Radji Patel from Mumbai when I got Perky Penelope from Peoria.

(Doing my best Valley Girl impression)

“Like, hello? Is there anyone like there? Oh my gawd! Thanks for calling … thanks for calling… oh my gawd, like where do I work? Hello? This is so, like, totally tubular! Hello? Chelseigh, I don’t think anyone is like there. Hello? Like, hello already. I’m like hanging up if you don’t say something. I mean it, totally.”



Queen-Size funny bone said...

credit card companies suck...

Da Old Man said...

Excellent impression. LMAO!

lizB said...

Buah ha hahahahahah!

Too funny. Those leeches will stop at nothing; you are absolutely right.

I HATE trying to talk to the call centers, too. The credit card companies OUTSOURCE the call center jobs to Ecuador and India and wherever the heck else, then they wonder why none of their American customers can pay their damn bills.
Hello? Idiots. Try employing some Americans. Maybe that would help with your bottom line. Jerks.

Love the valley girl impression! I grew up in that era, too. So funny!




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